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From Caterpillar to Butterfly

We help sole traders and small businesses unleash their full potential by generating high-quality leads through social media paid ads

How we can help

We are your fishing rod attracting your customers and reeling them on board while you sit back, relax or spend more time doing what you love


Market research

We help you find your big fish and the right pond

We IDENTIFY who your customers are, what their interests are and what they need from your business

We DEFINE your offer and what makes you unique

We RESEARCH your target market

Then, we ANALYSE your biggest competitors

butterfly cycle

Lead generation 

Our full package to attract your new customers

We DEFINE your ideal customer and research your perfect target market

We CREATE your irresistible offer and write your "EPIC ad"

We LAUNCH your campaign on social media

Then, we ANALYSE the performance of your ad and optimise it to maximise profit

rainbow butterfly

Business clarity

Do you know how profitable your business is?

We help you ANALYSE your business' numbers to make sure it is profitable

We DEFINE targets and KPIs

We SET UP strategies to reach those goals and increase profit

Then, we DETERMINE if lead generation ads and Digital Marketing can help you METAMORPHOSE your business 

Our story

Metamorphose Digital Marketing was established in 2023 by owner and founder Sophie Wicker

After 20 years in Biotechnology Research and Development labs and 12 years of coaching Group Fitness classes, I kept following my passion for helping others differently by generating quality leads through Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn paid ads.​

Why Digital Marketing specifically?

While looking for a job in a biotechnology company, I quickly realized that the best jobs go to the candidates who know how to market themselves best, not the best or most experienced candidates.

The story is similar for sole traders and small businesses: when there is competition, marketing is the key.​

I've learned the skills of Digital Marketing, so you don't have to.

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